Documents Required to Sell Your Property

Documents Required to Sell Your Property

In order to promote your property effectively and ensure that all the necessary information is available, we always kindly ask you to provide us with the following documents:


  • Land Registry Certificate (or Certificate of Content):

Through the information provided by the land registry, the future buyer will find out the composition of a certain building, the legitimacy of those who intend to sell the property and what types of charges may be levied on it (mortgages, liens, etc.).


The land registry certificate, in paper or digital format, can be obtained in person, from any Land Registry Office (entity that has the complete descriptions of the properties) or on the respective website .


  • Caderneta Predial:

This document can be requested from any Tax Office and there obtain information on the tax situation of the property and determine the entity responsible for complying with the tax obligations related to it. On the Finance Portal, owners can obtain the land registry of their properties. In place of the land registry, the certificate of content of the matrix article (valid for one year) may be requested;


  • Use License

The purpose of the License of Use is to certify the use of the property and that it is fit for its purpose. This license must be requested from the City Council of the municipality where the property is located. In the act of purchase and sale, however, you may only present proof of the application for the issuance of a license, if it has not yet been issued.


  • Housing Technical Data Sheet

In the case of dwellings that have been built, or have undergone reconstruction, extension or alteration works, after 30 March 2004. It is a descriptive document of the main technical and functional characteristics of the property that were reported at the time of completion of the construction, reconstruction, expansion or alteration works. It must be requested directly to the City Council of the municipality where the property is located. 


  • Energy Certificate

It must be presented by the owner at the time of purchase and sale and is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of the property and is issued by companies and engineers certified by the Energy Agency (ADENE).


  • Sellers' Identification Documents

Photocopy of the Citizen Cards or, if it is not Portuguese the NIF (tax identification number) and the Passport or identification document of a country of the European Union.


  • Proof of Resignation from the City Council

It should be noted that there may be situations in which the so-called legal right of preemption falls on the property in question, which can be exercised by the City Council or by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, in the event of the sale of classified or classified property or properties located in protected areas. or. In these situations, you must obtain proof of waiver from the City Council or the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the respective legal right of pre-emption. 


  • Toponymic certificate

When there are non-conformities about the address of the property in the documents presented, it may be necessary to present the toponymic certificate. This document clarifies the correct address of the property and describes the situations in which there may have been a change in the name of the street or its numbering.



Don't worry, if you don't have all these documents, talk to NEW KEYS REAL ESTATE. We are at your disposal to provide all the guidance and assistance in this process.


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